Is your crooked or gap-teethed smile causing you to shy away from social situations and withdraw into your shell? Get a gorgeous smile and your self-confidence back with SmileFast Orthodontics transparent braces.

Perhaps you have even considered adult braces before, but the thought of a metal smile may have held you back. Don’t worry. Modern cosmetic dentistry now offers you the promise of a perfect smile without having to wait out the unattractive metal-mouth period.

So what is SmileFast Orthodontics clear braces anyway?

SmileFast Orthodontics clear braces is the latest smile correcting treatment in dental technology. It corrects misalignments in teeth with its discreet transparent braces which are practically invisible.

SmileFast is an ADULTS ONLY orthodontic system. It was specially developed for mature teeth keeping in mind the specific requirements of adults.

How does SmileFast work?

SmileFast is the perfect combination of modern innovative orthodontics plus the best of traditional orthodontics. With 3D computer imaging, we identify the ideal positioning of brackets on the teeth to guarantee outstanding results.

We use indirect bonding technology to place each bracket on the most ideal position on your teeth. This high degree of accuracy allows SmileFast to deliver quick and predictable results every time. Since the bracket positions are the most optimal, the teeth easily move to the desired position and you see a beautiful smile in no time.

Here is a quick rundown of the process:

  1. First we take a scan of your teeth and mouth so we can work out the ideal bracket placement and treatment plan for you.
  2. We use custom trays to place the brackets accurately on the digitally determined optimal locations.
  3. Now with the clear braces in place, your teeth will start moving to the right position.

SmileFast prides itself on the digital accuracy of our process which results in a much shorter treatment period and more predictable results.

The fastest way to a gorgeous new smile

Did you know that traditional orthodontics or even clear aligners can take anywhere between 1-2 years for the treatment to complete? In some cases it can be even longer!

With SmileFast digital technology, your smile and teeth alignment improve within just 6-9 months!

Access SmileFast from your local dentist

Wondering how you can access this latest new technology? SmileFast technology is available at your local dentist at an affordable cost. Just give them a call or step into your local dental clinic and ask for SmileFast Orthodontics clear braces.

You can also feel reassured that your dentist has an experienced orthodontist overlooking your case.

Check out our list of SmileFast dentists and see if you can find someone near you. Even if you can’t find someone in your location, don’t worry, just get in touch with us and we will let you know as soon as a new provider signs up in your area. We have several local dentists signing up every day, so the wait won’t be too long.

Get in touch

Want to learn more about SmileFast? Leave us a message and your contact details, and we will be in touch with you.

A gorgeous smile is within reach. Think SmileFast!


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