Imagine making heads turn when you walk into a room and dazzling everyone with gorgeous smile! Attractiveness is 80% confidence, and that confidence can come from a perfect smile.

You may not have a beautiful smile now, but don’t let it hold you back. With modern dental advancements that can create a stunning smile in just a few weeks, there is no reason for you to delay your smile correction any longer.

Within a short span of a few weeks, you can step on a stage to address the audience, confidently record your YouTube videos, or just present a brand new you to your friends and colleagues.

SmileFast Orthodontics Invisible Braces

Many adults do not bother fixing their crooked smile because metal braces can look embarrassing after a certain age.

With SmileFast, since the braces are transparent others wouldn’t even know that you’re wearing them. Its never too late to get the beautiful straight teeth you deserve.

Treatment is fast, affordable, and effective with SmileFast Orthodontics Invisible braces. Your teeth can be transformed in under 6-9 months, without the hassle of having visible metal in your mouth.

SmileFast Orthodontics invisible braces gives you all the benefits of braces, but none of its awkwardness.

Are they really braces?

Yes, they are braces. The difference between SmileFast Orthodontics Invisible braces and regular braces is that they are clear and transparent, and they are more efficient than moving your teeth to the desired position than any other system including clear aligners.

Instead of metal brackets, the SmileFast system uses tooth coloured ceramic brackets and NI-TI wires. The colour perfectly matches your teeth. SmileFast does not stand out like metal braces do. It is a discreet, fast, and highly effective smile correcting solution.

Better than clear aligners

Clear aligners are popular among adults for smile correction because nobody wants ugly metal brackets in their mouth for years. However, the problem with clear aligners is that they are removable, and the patient will have to remember to wear them for at least 22 hours a day. Essentially, you can remove them from your mouth only for eating and brushing your teeth. Most of us forget to do this or simply get complacent.

SmileFast Orthodontics Invisible braces are a fixed appliance. This means that there is no hassle of removing them and then putting them back in. You won’t lose your braces or have to worry about whether you are putting them in for enough number of hours.

How quickly can SmileFast give you results?

Traditional orthodontic treatment can take as long as 2 years. But with SmileFast Orthodontics Invisible braces, treatment time is typically just between 6-9 months! We use the same tried-and-tested principles for moving teeth to their most aesthetic positions, but we do it in a much smarter way.

Specially made for adult teeth

One unique feature of SmileFast is that we have specifically designed the system for mature teeth. It is an ADULTS ONLY orthodontic system, so it addresses all the special needs of adult teeth.

How expensive is SmileFast?

By making the system available at your local dentist and combining with our smart and efficient technology, SmileFast is quite affordable. Check with your local dentist who will give you a quote after discussing your specific needs.

Get SmileFast from your local dentist

SmileFast technology easily accessible at your local dentist. Just fix an appointment you’re your dentist today and ask about this smile-correcting solution. Simply ask for SmileFast Orthodontics Invisible braces. They will give you the necessary information.

When you opt for SmileFast, you can rest easy because along with your qualified local dentist, you will also have the support of an experienced orthodontist who will overlook your case.

Get in touch

Want to know more about SmileFast? Leave us a message and your contact details, and we will be in touch with you.

With SmileFast, a gorgeous smile can be yours in just a few months!


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