Are you self-conscious about your smile because of your crooked teeth? Maybe you have even considered braces, but who would want to put metal wires and brackets on their teeth?

If you have shied away from correcting your smile because you do not want metal on your teeth, then we have the perfect solution for you. With SmileFast Orthodontics transparent braces you have a virtually invisible solution for straightening your teeth.

SmileFast is a new technology that gives you a smarter and easier way to a great smile. With this easy smile correcting treatment, you will exude confidence and poise in no time.

Easier and smarter braces

Metal braces require frequent doctor visits for tightening, not to mention the irritated and bleeding gums and restrictions on food items. If that’s not enough, while wearing them you are even more self-conscious.

Luckily, there is a much smarter alternative that is equally effective – ceramic braces that are practically invisible, but that deliver just the same results.

Introducing SmileFast Orthodontics invisible braces

SmileFast is the invisible alternative to braces.

Are they braces? Yes, but not like the traditional metal ones that you can see from a mile away. These are clear braces are practically invisible and provide the best way to align your teeth faster and more efficiently than any other systems. These transparent braces are more effective than even clear aligners.

No more metal braces that add to your discomfort and self-consciousness. With SmileFast tooth-coloured ceramic braces, your teeth will be aligned much faster and without people noticing that you’re wearing braces.

More advantages of SmileFast

Our patients choose SmileFast because it is the most discreet and effective smile correction option. Other than the obvious advantage of being practically invisible, transparent braces are miles ahead of their traditional alternatives in other aspects as well.

Much faster than traditional braces

Treatment time using SmileFast is only about 6-9 months. With traditional orthodontic treatment, you can expect to wear those ugly metal braces for about 18 months or even two years. But with our new technology, treatment time is cut to less than half.

You get a better smile faster!

Clear braces are affordable

If you’re wondering if all this is going to be super expensive, don’t worry, it’s not. SmileFast technology is smart and efficient and can be used by your local dentist. It is very affordable as we pass on all of the time and labour-saving advantages to our patients.

For a stunning new smile in no time, embrace the SmileFast advantage.

Perfect for mature teeth

SmileFast technology was developed specifically for mature teeth. It is an adults only orthodontic system that considers and solves the special problems of adults with crooked teeth.

They work just like the traditional braces, but without the hassle and long wait-time.

If you are an adult who has been living with crooked teeth for years and staying away from orthodontics because you’re worried about the metal-mouth appearance, this is without doubt the best option that you have.

You deserve to have a gorgeous smile. Stop hiding your vibrant personality behind crooked teeth. Get your dazzling smile now and break free from low self-esteem.


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